About Us

Hey there & welcome to A Grand Find! 

I'm Kevin and I began the A Grand Find journey in late 2017.

As online shopping began to grow, I fell in love. Mainly because, probably just like you, I love finding and using cool stuff. 

Then one day I thought why don't I do this for myself? It's easy enough to source good products, make sure the quality is there, and provide an experience to people that makes their lives better.

The moment I realized this is when A Grand Find was born. 

Since I began this year we have shipped out thousands of orders which is far beyond what I imagined and it has been quite a lot of work.

Our goal is to find you amazing products that will make your life better while providing you with an amazing shopping experience!

I really hope you enjoy your experience with A Grand Find, and I would love to hear any suggestions, good or bad, so we can improve.

Feel free to reach out at any time by emailing us at info@agrandfind.com, we typically respond within a day or two.

Thanks again for visiting our store and Enjoy!